Statement Sofas: Make the Most of Your Living Room

How do you feel about your sofa? Is it the highlight of your living room, boasting bright prints and plump cushions? Is it your own cosy piece of heaven: the perfect place to relax after a long day? Or is it a shabby spot that’s hidden beneath throws and piles of cushions? If you’re embarrassed [...]

New trends for the New Year

‘New Year, New Me’ so the saying goes. January is the month of resolutions and getting rid of those extra festive pounds, and along with transforming yourself into a fitter, healthier you, why not give your home a New Year’s makeover, too? We’ve taken a look at three of the biggest trends for 2015, and [...]


Vintage is Here to Stay

It’s been around for a while (in more ways than one) and the vintage style is still set to be big in 2012. This year, there’ll be a mix of up-to-date looks and vintage pieces designed to help you create your own unique style. One place this really works is in your bedroom. Style experts [...]


What Makes a Sofa?

A survey into the nation’s sofa habits has revealed some interesting figures (well, we thought so!) It seems we spend an average of 4 hours a day sat on our sofas. Couples cuddle up on it around 14 times a month. Those with children won’t be happy to know the kids use it as a [...]

Paris LED bed

A Few Fascinating Sleep Facts

It’s said we spend around a third of our lives asleep. Babies sleep around 15 hours a day. Unfortunately that’s not all in one go, and new parents lose out on up to a month’s sleep in baby’s first year. Altogether, women sleep for 27 years in their lifetime and men 25½. That’s a lot [...]