Vintage is Here to Stay

It’s been around for a while (in more ways than one) and the vintage style is still set to be big in 2012. This year, there’ll be a mix of up-to-date looks and vintage pieces designed to help you create your own unique style. One place this really works is in your bedroom. Style experts [...]


What Makes a Sofa?

A survey into the nation’s sofa habits has revealed some interesting figures (well, we thought so!) It seems we spend an average of 4 hours a day sat on our sofas. Couples cuddle up on it around 14 times a month. Those with children won’t be happy to know the kids use it as a [...]

Paris LED bed

A Few Fascinating Sleep Facts

It’s said we spend around a third of our lives asleep. Babies sleep around 15 hours a day. Unfortunately that’s not all in one go, and new parents lose out on up to a month’s sleep in baby’s first year. Altogether, women sleep for 27 years in their lifetime and men 25½. That’s a lot [...]